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Powell Elementary School

1035 East Mauna Loa Avenue

Azusa, CA 91702

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Computer Lab

Powell has a beautiful computer lab and students visit the lab on a weekly for basis. Students use the lab for online reading programs, reading assessments, research, publishing papers, and ST Math.  ST Math is a game-based instructional software program designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning. Participation in this program improves conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.  All classes at Powell are implementing this research-based program, and the students are loving it! 





Extended Day Kindergarten Offered

Powell offers extended day kindergarten, and after school care is now available for kindergarten as well.  



Walk Through the American Revolution

Fifth graders at Powell learn about the early roots of the United States every year and culminate their study of US history with a special event, Walk Through the American Revolution. Students explore the famous events, historical figures, and relevant vocabulary of this pivotal point in America’s history. Through dramatic activities, students “become” famous men and women of the American Revolution. Flags, maps, re-enactments, music, and games help students explore and understand the importance of American liberty and patriotism.  

Bookmobile Visits Paramount

Azusa Library Comes to Powell

The Azusa Library's Bookmobile visits Powell every Thursday afternoon. All Powell students are issued fine free library cards designed by Azusa Unified students.  The children love checking out books from this "library on wheels".  

Powell Performing Arts

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Jennifer Wiebe

Message from Principal 

Jennifer Wiebe

I enthusiastically welcome you to Powell Elementary, where staff, teachers, parents, and community members are working together to ensure high levels of academic achievement for all students in a warm and welcoming environment.  We are looking forward to a great year of learning and growing together.


Panther Parents

All parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians and other family members are encouraged to join our parent group, Panther Parents! The cost is $5.00 per membership.  Panther Parents meet monthly and have committees that promote health, education, fundraising, and hospitality.  All proceeds are used to support Powell.